The best part of a classic? It never goes out of style.
What is "Something Bigger"?

SB not only stands for Spencer Barbosa (our founder) but it also stands for SOMETHING BIGGER. Something bigger means standing up for what you believe in, being yourself and fighting something greater. To be something bigger means to know your worth and add a little extra.


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Whether you're lounging on the couch watching a movie or enjoying a bonfire on a summer night our “treat yourself” hoodie is perfect for every occasion. It's cute, it's pink and most of all it is SO comfortable.

Curious what size you are? Check out our size chart above.

  • Unisex fit
  • 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


Regular price$59.00

The most important comments are the ones we make to ourselves. This hoodie is a reminder to TALK TO YOURSELF LIKE SOMEONE YOU LOVE. Spencer's favorite addition is the affirmation on the sleeve, "I love being me".

DON'T FORGET THE SWEAT BOTTOMS! Who doesn't love a matching sweatsuit??

This unisex hoodie is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, adult unisex sizing, and made to be worn comfortably. Curious what size you are? Check out our size chart above.


About the Brand

About Spencer Barbosa

Hi guys!!! I am so happy you're here! You may have seen me preaching self love on your FYP or keeping it real on Instagram with my goofy posts or maybe you haven't seen me at all. But I can't wait for you to get to know my clothing brand. I love the color pink, sushi, and making people smile but most of all I love self-love. I hope you love my brand as much as I do, but most of all I hope it makes you feel empowered to treat yourself like someone you love.

Why I Created Something Bigger

I created this brand because I wanted to make clothes that everyone feels beautiful in. Often times clothing makes us feel insecure however, you are not made to fit clothes... clothes are made to fit you. I have always dreamed about being a girl boss and empowering others to feel confident through clothes. 

What We Stand For

Size inclusivity, (S-3XL but in the future 2XS-5XL) paying workers a livable wage, rather than minimum wage, creating QUALITY pieces and printing our shirts in the United States.